Friday, February 12, 2010

Margot Kidder

Ok, I guess I have a crush on all of these people. Can you blame me though? Margot Kidder has the kind of face that I want to draw over and over again! She is also a great actress and one of the great “scream queens,” if you could call her that. One of her first roles was in a Brian De Palma film called Sisters. Yeah, the same director as Body Double! Also one of De Palma’s first films, Sisters is a murder mystery/slasher about French twins, one sickly and evil, the other, good. Margot Kidder plays the twins with a sultry and sleepy French accent. Definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it. Another early film was a very popular classic horror film called Black Christmas. One of the most solid and effective slashers ever, this film has been the influence of almost every slasher flick ever to grace the screen! Oh yeah, I guess you might also remember her as Lois Lane in the Superman series.

I mean, could she be any cooler?

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